Please note that all Society events are cancelled for the foreseeable future in accordance with the COVID-19 guidance. We shall let you know when the rules change and we can resume our activities.



Worthing Horticultural Society




Chairman’s Chat                                                                                    No.143. October 2019




Firstly, may I apologise for the lateness of this “Chat”.  This has been down to circumstances beyond my control.




Our summer has now come and gone, very hot at times and very wet at others.  No doubt this has helped some gardeners and maybe left some not so happy.  There have been some gorgeous flowers and vegetables on display locally, so some amongst us must be doing something right and using the climate conditions to full advantage.




Now October has arrived, and we need to get planting those bulbs ready for a colourful display next year and plan the planting of our vegetable crops.  I find that the darker evenings seem to arrive earlier each year – put it down to my age!




The July show was small, but the quality of the entries was excellent in the opinion of our judge Jean Griffin, and from the comments of those who visited.  The village shows seem to attract more entries and visitors as the communities are smaller.  Our catchment area is much wider and spread out which does not help these days.  Nonetheless we have the faithful few who always come up trumps and never let us down.




I would now like to ask for your ideas for speakers.  We have had talks on various subjects without too much success it would appear as the attendance figures are dwindling each time.  Those who do attend seem to have enjoyed the talks, but they are obviously not appealing to all of you.  We have therefore cancelled the November talk, which was due to take place on 7th November 2019, as figures could drop even more should it be poor weather, or the winter coughs and colds arrive.  If you have any suggestions re future talks perhaps you could let me know as soon as you can please.




By the time you get this we shall have had our quiz night, hopefully this will be successful as it is always entertaining and mind stretching, and we do have a splendid ploughman’s supper to help fuel the brain cells.




The next event on the social calendar will be the New Year’s lunch at the Windsor House Hotel on Sunday 19th January 2020.  The price of the lunch will be £25 for members and £27 for non-members.  For those unfamiliar with the lunch it comprises four courses, soup which is served at the table, then a self-service cold buffet/hors d’oeuvres, main course is a roast dinner with a choice of three meats and accompanying vegetables etc.  To finish there is a fine selection of sweets to choose from followed by coffee or tea.  Coffee and tea is served in the lounge and during this we draw the raffle.  Any donations for raffle prizes would be greatly appreciated thank you. To reserve places please go to the event applications tab and print off the form there




The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 19 March 2020 in the Allan Fletcher Hall at the OPMC.  If you would like to put your name forward to be on the committee, should you feel you could help in any way then please do.  The nomination forms will be sent out with the AGM agenda and paperwork in the New Year but please start thinking about it now.




Next year’s show will be held on Saturday 27th June 2020 and the schedule is being prepared at the moment.  It should be available in the New Year.




Sadly, during the year several members of long-standing have passed away.  Amongst them Mr Alan Cave who, for many years, used to exhibit regularly and also judge for us.




We must congratulate one of our members, Mr Peter Webb, who has recently been appointed as one of three new Deputy Lieutenants of West Sussex.  I am sure he will bring much to the role and it is a well-deserved honour.




Thank you to all who have helped during the past year, both those to the fore and those who get on quietly with jobs in the background, whether it be making cakes for the show, serving coffee and teas or putting tables and chairs up and down, out and away.  It is very much appreciated.




We regularly ask for contributions for the “Chat” and sometimes they are forthcoming.  The following was given in to me during the year, and although I can’t remember who gave it to me – you know who you are - thank you!




The Gardener’s Hymn




All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small


All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all




But what we never mention, though gardeners know it’s true,


Is when he made the goodies, he made the baddies too.




All things spray and swattable, disasters great and small,


All things paraquatable, the Lord God made them all.




The greenfly on the roses, the maggots in the peas,


Manure that fills our noses, he also gave us these.




The fungus in the goose-gogs, the club root in the greens,


The slugs that eat the lettuces and chew the aubergines.




The drought that kills the fuchsias, the frost that nips the buds,


The rain that drowns the seedlings, the blight that hits the spuds.




The midges and mosquitoes, the nettles and the weeds


The pigeons in the green stuff, the sparrows in the seeds.




The fly that gets the carrots, the wasp that eats the plums


How black the gardener’s outlook, though green may be his thumbs.




But still we gardeners labour, midst vegetables and flowers


And pray what hits our neighbours, will somehow bypass ours.






Just in time for Christmas, and those large gatherings – if anyone can use a Hostess Trolley – in excellent working order and complete with serving dishes etc. please get in touch with me on Worthing 260925.  It is free to a good home but will need to be collected please.